Top Places to visit in Asia

Asia is a continent that is rich in diverse landscapes, hills, water masses and many more. From remote islands to megametropolises, Asia’s top travel spots offer several types of attractions, activities and things to do. You will love a variety of cultures, ancient history and adventurous sites. Enjoy a variety of foods and cuisines here. Some of the important places to visit are given below.


The land is famous for its diversity because the country has mountains, two deserts, wide plains, rivers, sea and many more to explore. There are all four seasons in the region. The northern areas have extreme cold weather with snow fall and snow white Mountains and the world’s second highest peak K2 is in Pakistan. The land is rich in breathtaking scenic beauty and it makes you fall in love with this country. For the nature lovers, all these sites offer several things to do and explore. For campers and hikers, it is the best country to visit. There are cold climate forests here.

For the Wild life explorer, the forest Changa Manga offers several things to do. Enjoy a scenic train ride and explore a real beauty in the diverse plains in National park. You will love the rich flora and biodiversity of the park here. It is wonderful area that offers many things to discover. The majority of the people come here for hiking because it offers beautiful end viewpoints and have a look on wild trees. You will like embark on the walk as you will enjoy a wild life here. The memorable experience of train ride will make your journey exclusive. There are several photo opportunities because the area is rich in flora. Wildlife has many more to learn about the forest for the animal’s lover.

There are several historic places that invite history lovers here. Arabian Sea offers many activities to do for beach lovers. Karachi is a large and a famous port in Pakistan. The majority of people enjoy marine life of warm waters by scuba diving and snorkeling. There are several beaches here with diversity of water colors and sands.


With diverse terrains, landscapes, mountains, hills, water masses, forests, desert and others, India offers many more to discover. It is a broad south Asian Country that is rich in a variety of cultures, cuisines, traditions, customs and religions. You will enjoy many things here Indian Ocean to Himalayan peaks. Delhi is capital of India and the city is a historic place with the memories of emperors and their landmarks here. There is an iconic mausoleum named Taj Mahal that is built by Mughal Emperor. There are several other attractions for tourists here.

For the animal lovers, the National Park offers several things to enjoy. It is a home to several wild animals. You will love watching wolves, Indian bison, hyenas, sloth bears, and barking deer, see leopards, wolves and Indian Bison are the star attractions. Afternoon is the best time to visit the National Park. India is a big country and it offers many things for its tourists. Rajasthan is a large desert in the region. It is famous for its history, culture and many more. You will love enjoying cuisines here not in Rajasthan but in entire India.


Trip to China will take you to ancient glory of the country. China is a large country that is great for its ambitious modernity. Start your journey from the Great Wall of China that is famous for its construction and fame in the world. In the east, from Hushan, this wall starts and goes to Qinghai, Gansu, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Tianjin, Beiging, Liaoning and west traversing. China is famous for its rivers, lakes, mountains, desert, grasslands and its coastline. Its capital is Beijing and it is a great mixture of history and modernism. There are several historic sites here. Chinese cuisine is highly famous in the world.


It is world famous spot that is highly spectacular. It is the right name of high-standard architecture and modern development. Being a dry desert, it has improved its progress. It is an epitome of a chic infrastructure. January is the right time to visit because of the extreme hot climate summer does not offer outdoor activities. There are several sites to visit in Dubai. The beautiful region offers Safari, a variety of beaches, high-class hotels, resorts, marine life museum and many more. To escape the noisy life of the city, having a relaxing tour to the gardens will keep you cool for the nest week. The garden opens every day. With the beautiful and diverse flowers, you will enjoy a variety of plants here. If you are flower lover then you will see a diverse flowers and plants with many attractions. There are thousands of flower beds filled with the seasonal flowers and plants.

It is famous for its several religious historic sites against modern skyscrapers. The city is spreads ethnicities living and a variety of green spaces. Due to the heavy traffic, city has fumes and smoke in the air some times. It is on the ocean shore. There are several visitors, people and locals on roads for doing their normal routine tasks. There are several things to do in Dubai because the area is famous for diverse landscapes. It is the city that offers a standard mixture of architecture and modern life with the old colonial buildings.



With its tropical climate, Singapore is famous for tourist spot. Country is well-developed and modern. There is a variety of delicious street food snacks available here. It is a famous spot for an occasional concert. Make sure which music concert or event is taking place here. This spot is popular for scheduling beach parties and live music shows. The nightlife of the city is highly exclusive. Its clubs are famous on the beach that offers high-class nightlife. You will see a huge crowd on the beach on the weekends and holidays because the beach hosts several festivals and beach parties. Therefore, many establishments here like renting equipment shops like floaters, food stands and restaurants. There are several things for the attraction of tourists.


It is in Southeast Asian country. The region is famous for ornate temples, ancient ruins, opulent royal palace, tropical beaches and others. You will love the beach of soft sand that offers several things to do. It is a busy spot for the majority of the locals, visitors and tourists. It offers many things to explore and activities for visitors. People come and enjoy boating here. This is one of most common and fun loving activity for the majority of the people. The soft sand beach is ideal for swimming and other enjoyment. The sun is warm in the morning and the majority of the people doing surfboard in the water. The swim attire is available for the swimmers.


It is capital of Thailand. Its rivers are a worth sight for. It is a tourist attraction that offers beauty. People come here for different activities. Explore around this epic mountainside settings, swimming in rock pool and take photos in the sun. Water comes down gliding on the rock and it is a worth seeing site. For tourists, it is great spot to enjoy. The city is well-developed and have several skyline buildings. Nightlife of the city is highly exclusive. You will enjoy hoteling, food, visiting bars and many more.


Due to its tropical climate, the country is great tourist spot. It has rain all the time that makes the weather pleasant. It is rich in forests and beaches. The modern and customary culture has mad the country is a place to visit. Twin tower is its land mark. Malaysia has a combination of European, Indian, Chinese and Malay culture. You will enjoy busy shopping malls, clubs, hotels, colonial buildings and many more.


It is an Island and it is the country of beaches. All these beaches offer several things to explore. Do not miss this beach, if you are on trip to Thailand. The beach offers several things to do. Relax on the sand and enjoy sun. Enjoy swimming in the blue water. It is one of the busiest spot in the area because the locals and foreigners are here in the evening to enjoy sun set. On the weekends, its hustle and bustle is on peak.


This island is a popular tourist spot that offers scenic beaches. Its exotic views will help you pleasing your eyes and relaxing your body on sand of the beach. Make your evening romantic and spend a day in the island. It is full of nature and several scenic beauties for you if you are a nature lover. You can stay here in the hotels and local lodges. These are great for offering high-quality residence and local food for tourists. The hotels have standard rooms with spacious bedrooms for executives. Explore the beauty of the place and enjoy great things here.