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About Lilongwe

Lilongwe is the second-largest city and the capital of Malawi and also its capital. The lush green forests, wild animals and birds and, of course, Lake Malawi count for the beauty of this city. The Lilongwe Wildlife Center has been established to take care of endangered species. The Old Town is the Lilongwe Market is a great spot to enjoy both food and drink and enjoy the culture at its peak. The place also offers an opportunity to socialize with locals. Another landmark of the city is The First World War memorial clock tower.

Center of the city offers an urban feel while the roads and streets are built on old traditional style.  Lilongwe has a huge golf club where you can take membership to enjoy swimming, golf and tennis activities. The chaotic and bustling markets of Lilongwe offer social fabric in various designs. You can dine out in your favorite restaurant and shop through best mall.  The night life is also active in form of various bars and restaurants and coffee shops.

You can remain fully entertained throughout the vacation by enjoying various cultural and historical features. Make the most of your vacations by choosing the right flight for you with Find flights.

What time is best to fly to Lilongwe?

August is hottest in this city while May and November are the most pleasant duration to take Cheap Flights to Lilongwe, with a moderate climate. The December to March offer winter season with short and snowy days. June and July are considerably cooler and people avoid flights during colder months due to risk of outbreak of various diseases. The flights are however cheaper at this time.

Which day is the cheapest to fly to Lilongwe?

Thursday proves to be most economical day to take a flight to Lilongwe and Tuesday is the one which is expensive in terms of airfare packages.

What time of day is the cheapest to fly?

Lilongwe trip can be best planned and managed within budget if you prefer for afternoon departure. Morning flights are always expensive.

How to Get Around In Lilongwe

There is a single airport available known as Lilongwe airport. The downtown area is quite near to the airport. Lilongwe has limited air operations where only 5 airlines take passengers to and from the city.  You can arrange an amazing adventure to this city by booking with Find flights now. The passengers must be well organized for a fantastic trip on your vacations.  You can enjoy the freedom and convenience of transport by booking a taxi or rental car to move around in the city. With our website you can now choose your hotel and transport preference as per budget and choice. The road condition and type of transport decides the comfort and time taken to reach any place.

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