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Douala’s weather is the steamy rainy season, which guarantees endless annual illnesses of around 86 degrees F. The climate is usually warm as well steamy with moisture near approximate 85%. Round 3 600 mm of rain falls through the year. It may be rain whole year round; December sees less rain with precipitation of 28 mm. Another side of this range of rain is abundant during August and around 700 mm falls in the urban.

Highest rain falls on the period of August with local deter as well as Worldwide travelers, creating it the off-peak period on that state. The warm climate also little rainfall throughout December, tied with the celebratory holiday period make it perhaps the full of activity time of the year at Douala.

For the inexpensive rates, avoid the university outing peak periods and festive period periods as well as local anniversary dates, as these typically see remarkable growth in guesthouse rates and ticket prices. Notwithstanding the precipitation throughout August of rain, July and September suggestion a warm climate and lower charges on housings and foodstuff.

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Buses, rental cars and as well as taxis and private cars are available in this city, cheap flights to Douala is one of the most attractive places so services are providing. One of the services which are known as the name of CAMEROON is used to rail services to run to various destinations and points of trips from the Douala.

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