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Being a center of culture and architecture, Accra is well known city of Ghana having number of museums exhibiting impressive fine arts pieces. Traditional Africa food is available at Bustling Makola market and visitors can purchase other essentials there too. Independence square reminds the citizens and tourists the independence story of Ghana while.

Osu Castle is another master piece of construction for history lovers. Various music festivals also take place in the city especially on Labadi Beach.  Accra is a safe city to move around but the visitors must take precautionary measures while taking cash with them.  By sticking to the tourist places and asking the cab drivers their ids can be of help.

Which time to fly to Accra?

October is an inexpensive month to get Cheap Flights to Accra while December is costly however advance booking can help you get low prices. Your budget and weather preferences will identify the best possible flights with cheapest tickets. Most of people prefer to fly in January due to best available deals but if you want warm weather, November is hottest there.  Rainfalls mostly occur in the month of May.

Which is the greatest period to reserve cheap flights to Accra?

Generally it is seen that the closer you book the flight to the departure date, the expensive your flight will be. However with you can make a booking as late as 30 days before departure and still can get best deals and cheap prices for Accra flights.

Which day to get cheaper rate flights to Accra’s?

In order to flay to Accra at low budget, Wednesday must be your choice. Most expensive deals are available for Thursday.

Which time of day is cheapest flights to Accra?

At the instant, flights at noontime are suggested for saving your cash for your Accra trip. A flight at the after lunch will not be at greater cost.

How to Get Around in Accra?

The passengers can have a luxurious stay and travel arrangements while reaching upon Accra.  The airport is one among many having all latest facilities to cater the tourists.  You ca enjoy duty free shopping, purchase your sim cards, enjoy traditional snacks and get your luggage wrapped up as well. The airport is also provided with Sanbra Duty Free and Priority Lounge where you can enjoy free time while waiting for your hotel services to pick you up. You can also catch a mini shuttle operating there throughout the city by various minibus companies.

If you are feeling hungry in Accra, no worry at all!!  Accra is a place for both western and local cuisine restaurants where different drinks, snacks and meals are served as per your choice. Those who want to exchange their currency or do any monetary transaction, Zenith bank branch and atm is available at the airport for your ease.

Enter your departure date and time and enter into the world of affordable flight packages for ACCRA including the airlines you wish to travel in. Check out our website and request a free quote, email or call (207)183-5965.