Popular Destinations of Africa


One of the vast continents in the world is Africa. It comes at the 2nd number in the list of the wide continents. It boasts 54 countries, a myriad of idyllic ethnic groups, unlimited unique landscapes, and many more. There are several things to do in this wide land. From Wildlife adventures to culinary tours, it offers an ultimate bucket of tourism. This land is famous for safari and wildlife discoveries. This is the reason all the explorers and wildlife lovers rush to visit this land. Some of the famous places of the convenient are given below. You can get Cheap Flights to Africa with Find Flights .


On the Guinea Gulf, Nigeria is famous for its wildlife reserves and landmarks. It has several protected areas like rare primate habitat, Savanna, dense rain forest, Waterfalls, National parks, and many more. Lagos is the famous city of the country. The majority of the people come here to visit the wildlife and safari here. Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria. The best time to visit the country is the summer when the majority of the animals are found near the rivers. You can get Cheap Flights to Africa  because it has a busy International airport.

Explore some new things in the National Park. If you are a wildlife explorer, then this is the right place for you. Discover memorable animal encounters. You can travel through the habitat of lions, meet rhino closely, hand feed giraffe, and many more. This wild park is home to gorillas and other orange utans. View a wide range of animals here. Tourists enjoy antics of meerkats, monkeys, Tasmanian devils, tigers, and cheetah. An extended section boasts several wild animals and a broad range of reptiles and birds plus two walks through aviaries. You can get a guide to make your exclusive. A fantastic and café wildlife shop is there. You can spend a whole day here.


The capital of Ghana, Accra, is a busy but small city. With several tourist attractions, the city is famous for tourism. If you are thinking of having an Accra tour, then you must know about the scenic beauty of the town. There are several things and places to visit in the city. Never ignore taking complete information about the city, for this purpose. There are several other places to visit in the area. It is the world’s most excellent place to travel. For taking the complete benefit of your visitors arrive early. The opening time of the visitor’s center is nine AM. Numerous things are waiting for you. Select comfy shoes to walk on the roads. With the help of advanced research, you will enjoy the better way and history, as well.

Bojo Beach is an excellent destination to chill out and a clean area. You need to pay a small entrance fee, and there will be rowed across clear strips of water to the strips of pristine beach. It is the area where the sun offers refreshments and loungers. It is wonderful to enjoy your day on the beach. The golden sand beach offers plenty of things to do. You can enjoy here kayaking, boating, and swimming. The majority of the campers stay here for a whole camping night. Born fire in the night is their favorite hobby. Beach offers a wonderful view of all its visitors. It is an excellent picnic spot for locals and tourists.


Today, the most inexpensive time to visit the city in September. You will find December the most expensive month of the year. Weather conditions will select the most suitable time for visiting the area. In January, the majority of the tourist like to have a trip. There are different Cheap Flights to Africa Deals to Addis Ababa offered by Find Flights. March is the warm period of the area. In August, due to heavy rainfall, it is the wettest time.

There are several things to do here in terms of wilderness and safari experiences. You will enjoy it more if you have a road trip here. It offers a variety of memorable experiences. There is an abundance of wildlife and eco-system here. You will love your overnight stay here because the locals love to meet strangers here. Enjoy your stay in the local hotels and lodges. You can relax and drink in the company of beautiful sceneries. The restaurants offer a huge variety of local dishes. It will be a nice experience for you.


February is the most suitable time and the right time to get a Cheap Flights to Africa, Harare a city of Zimbabwe. O the other hand, the most expensive month to get a flight to Harare in July. Throughout the year, you will be able to get the best deals to fly to the city. January is a suitable time, as well. The warmest period of the year is October. December is the season of rainfall here. So, to get a cheap flight, you need to keep these things in mind.

The rivers are full of floods in this season. In the seasonal flood, it provides habitat to the animals. You will enjoy your journey by viewing the several types of crocodiles at the bank of the river, hippos, and birds. The wildlife contains rhinos, leopards, lions, and others. Safari camps are usual here because people come here to visit the area.

South Africa

May is the most inexpensive month to fly to South Africa. June is an expensive time to visit this destination. The prices are different as per the class, airlines, and departure times and depends on the booking for different destinations in South Africa like Botswana, Johannesburg. February is an excellent time to visit Botswana. There are great Cheap Flights to Africa Deals available overtime to go. If you are considering to look for warm weather, then January is the hottest month. At this time, the rainfall is at its peak. Do you know which the most economical day to fly to Capetown is? Wednesday is the most expensive day for taking the ticket, and Tuesday is an economical day. South Africa is in the landscape that contains Okavango Delta and the Kalahari Desert. It has become a lush habitat of animals in the seasonal flood. With the undulating grasslands and fossilized river, the massive Kalahari game reserve is a habitat of unlimited animals, including wild dogs, hyenas, and cheetah.


If you want to are a beach lover, visiting Kenya should be your first decision. In October, take a Cheap Flights to Mombasa because it is the time to book a cheap flight. If you want get Cheap Flights to Nairobi or another city in Kenya, then it will be expensive for you. Kenya is the land of beautiful beaches. You will love swimming here. Have fun with dolphins by swimming with them. These dolphins are playful and friendly. This will be a memorable and unique experience. It is a fun-loving activity on the beach. The smallest dolphins are a particular species that is rare in the world. You will find the smallest dolphins here. Enjoy watching seals, penguins, and others here. Its closeness to the Indian Ocean, it offers world-class hotels, marine life, beautiful sandy beaches and many more. Make sure you can enjoy Safari, an excursion is possible. You can go fishing, sports, and swimming.


The real attraction of the country is Gambia National Park. The majority of wildlife lovers come to visit the park, but the important factor is to avoid humidity in summer and rainy days. If you want to make your trip budget-friendly, then you need to choose the time Cheap Flights to Banjul, and February is the right time. July is the most expensive time. It is a huge river and water reserve in the world. This vast and endless landscape is famous for its healthy heavy lion population. In the rainy season, you will view Baobab trees. The town is highly safe and secure for the stranger. The locals are friendly, and the majority of the people like to stay in the lodges that offer comfy accommodations for the National park visitors. These lodges have swimming pools, standard accommodation, and all the famous cuisines for the visitors.


November is the most inexpensive time for Cheap Flights to Entebbe. The most costly month for traveling to the city in July. You can see the cheapest rates on your screen on the internet, but these are different as per some factors like class, airlines, times, and departure. Which is the best time to go to the city? It depends on the tourism season and weather in the area. You need to choose the flight as per price and weather conditions. One more thing to consider is your purpose of visiting the city. In October, flying to Kampala is the best time to fly. April is the right time to visit the city because of the good amount of rainfall. Uganda Museum is the epitome of Uganda culture and heritage. It provides information about the traditional and natural historical life of the area.