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Established in 1985, Ryan air works for providing low cost air service to passengers across the world. Having operational bases at both Dublin and London, this most reliable Europe carrier offers entire flight services which are highly inspired and user friendly.  Leisure plus program has been designed to allow passengers the option of priority boarding with lowest fares.

Some Realities about Ryan Air

The aircrafts are designed with only one class service called economy class. Ryan air carrier baggage information must be availed before travelling to any dream destination. The baggage limit is quite crazy as you can carry two pieces of baggage only which must be checked to meet the security standards. The weight allowed is whether 15 kg or 20 kg. A hand carry of about 10 kg is also allowed. You have to make online check in and if you cannot will be charged additional fees for checking in the airport counter.  The pre booking and selection of seats can be made by paying additional charges.

Many travelers avoid Ryan air for their limited services despite being quite affordable carrier to travel. The airline operational airports are quite small and not well organized.   Those who have never flew through this airline must know that the seats are not provided with any pockets.  So you will have to struggle with things in your lap. The non-European travelers have to stand in lines to wait for their visa check. The fare is quite low but for every other thing you have to pay extra. The meals and beverages are not offered for free rather you have to pay even for a glass of water.

Every air passenger want a relaxed and stress free flight however the Ryan Air aircraft is designed with yellow color which is quite distracting and painful to look at. This feature cannot meet with your expectations of comfort.  Back of all the seats are provided with safety cards which you keep on looking throughout your flight. It seems that flight wants to take each penny out of your pocket. The hostesses keep on offering various scratch card and other sale items for making aggressive sales.

Having small operations, the Ryan Air has random locations for its airports which are quite far out of the city. This means more travelling hours to reach the airport from any destination city center.  The airline is also blamed for having delayed timings and not following a punctual schedule for flights unlike other airlines. The website of the airline is designed in a quite messy way which users find hard to login and search through. The customer service is not at all appreciable and you will get stuck if trying to manage your booking online.

The Ryan Air airline also lacks in offering fine dining. Various customers have voted for the worst food provided in the aircraft. Find flights can help you to get a better airline with better services in quite affordable prices so keep your sanity intact and search through our website for better option!!!