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Are you planning a visit to any African destination and want a superb journey experience having both comfort, luxury and affordability, Ethiopian airline must be your choice whereas an easy booking process is available on Find flights where u can search all your options and reach a cost friendly decision.

Offering numerous routes to various destinations worldwide, the airline headquarters in Addis Ababa, the capital.  Highly maintained aircrafts are used which have a turn around life of 5 years only.  In this ways they ensure the sustainability of this national carrier. The Ethiopian airline staff is well trained to provide comprehensive customer service in a clear and consistent manner. The airfare are quite reasonable and whenever anyone inquiries about it, he is offered the lowest fare possible. The passengers are kept updated about any cancellation or delay in advance to avoid any trouble later.

The airline is known for offering quality customer service in all of its classes. The cloud nine class offers top niche comfortable seats, world’s finest wine, extra room and luxurious lounges to passengers making their journey memorable. The standard of washrooms and showers are fulfilled completely so that the passengers cannot complain about anything.  The Ethiopian airline lounges are provided with quick food and beverage service according to passenger demand.  The facilities are installed with up to date Wi Fi systems.

The economy class has its own benefits where the customers are offered traditional Ethiopian food and complimentary drinks.  Overall staff is very friendly and cooperative having marvelous language skills to deal with passengers from various norms and ethnicities. The Ethiopian airline takes care of your entertainment as well so plenty of movies and games are available in the latest systems installed in every seat.

Ethiopia is becoming increasingly popular among frequent travelers worldwide as best tour destination. The persons who travel frequently can get flight passes which is a smart pass whereby you can purchase tickets at lower prices and make flight bookings as per desire. Sheba miles is another benefit given to the members where they are rewarded extra miles. The Ethiopian airline passengers are offered free amenity kits and various items to keep them comfortable as pillows and blankets.


If you want history, leisure, culture and adventure at same time, just check out the Ethiopian holidays deal of the Ethiopian airline and get amazing offer to your dream destination.  E visa service is quick, unique and user friendly through which you can get your visa processed within one hour. Make a reservation now with Find flights to avail all these benefits. The duty free shopping is another positive feature to look for during your flight.

The airline is rewarded several time for its highly efficient service, low priced tickets and great safety record.  Being certified in 4 star ranking, the Ethiopian airline aims to provide amazing customer service. The ground service standards are also unique. The check in facilities are quick offering online check in before the departure as well. The passengers are also offered priority boarding service where the staff assists them on each and every step.

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